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  About Us

About Lee Jackson

Jackson got involved with crash reconstruction in 1988 as a member of the Fort Worth Police Department. For over two decades he served in the Traffic Division where he investigated fatalities, injury, and property damage crashes. He spent seven years in Traffic Investigation Unit, which was charged with investigating all fatality and hit-and-run crashes. While assigned to the unit, he started attending classes and seminars on the scientific principles of crash investigation.
In 2002, Jackson and a colleague were selected to start the Commercial Motor Vehicle Enforcement Unit for the Fort Worth Police Department and ultimately were certified by the Texas Department of Transportation to conduct DOT Level 1 inspections.

About Traffic Crash Reconstruction Associates

In 1990, Jackson applied his expertise to a private-sector endeavor: Traffic Crash Reconstruction (formerly named Accident Reconstruction Associates) is a self-contained unit that can be anywhere in the state, or bordering states, within 24 hours.

Along with a complete truck inspection, the company maintains all of the software to download heavy vehicle electronic control modules. These "ECMs" are sometimes called "black boxes" and contain numerous pages of data concerning the vehicle's service and event data, which provides valuable information about the speed of the vehicle for over a minute before impact. Also, some ECMs provide "last stop" data that will display the vehicle speed before its final stop, even though the vehicle may not have experienced a rapid deceleration or impact.


  • Scene Investigation                                                       
  • Laser Mapping to Construct Scale Diagrams               
  • Vehicle Photographs and Measurements                     
  • Damage Analysis                                                          
  •  Deposition Review                                                       
  • ACM and ECM Downloads
  • Speed Calculations
  • Time & Distance Analysis
  • Video Animations
  • Training   
  • CMV Level 1 DOT Inspections
  • Expert Testimony     


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