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ECM Downloads

Along with a complete truck inspection, we maintain all of the software to download Heavy Vehicle Electronic Control Modules. These "ECM's" are sometimes called "black boxes" and contain numerous pages of printable data concerning the Service and Event Data of the vehicle. This Event Data contains valuable information concerning the speed of the vehicle for over a minute before impact. Also, available in some engines, is "Last Stop" data that will display the vehicle speed before its last stop even though the vehicle may not have experienced a rapid deceleration or impact.

Truck Inspections

An important aspect of a commercial motor vehicle is how well the vehicle brakes are functioning.  When the vehicle has not sustained any damage to its brake components the system can be checked using the vehicle’s air system. However, quite often one or more of the vehicles components was damaged in the impact.

 Traffic Crash Reconstruction Inc. possesses all of the tools necessary to “air-up” a system.  This can be accomplished by tapping into the vehicles air tanks or if necessary into each individual chamber.  Our self-contained vehicle travels with all of the necessary fittings, air lines, compressor, and generator to allow us to exercise the brakes.

 We also inspect all of the essential components of a commercial motor vehicle to insure compliance with the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) Out-of-Service Criteria, including the drivers “hours of service” recorded in the log books. 

We can be anywhere in Texas or it's neighboring states within 24 hours.

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